WCS America: Season 3 Oceania/SEA Qualifiers 2014

Ever wanted to represent your country on the biggest worldwide stage in StarCraft II? Think you have what it takes to battle with the best in the world? In partnership with Blizzard Entertainment, the Australian Cyber League welcomes you to the WCS America: Season 3 Oceania/SEA Qualifiers!

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In two seperate Tournaments (1 Offline and 1 Online) each over two big days of competition, we will find the best two players to represent our region at WCS America in Season 3. Those deserving of such a title will feed into the Challenger League qualifiers for WCS America where they will need to win just a single best-of-five series to slot straight into Premier League. So start warming up those hands and pay close attention to the following information to find out how you can have your shot at the World Championship Series.


Registration for Season 3 is open. You can register for one or both of the Tournaments below:

Online Tournament: Registration has closed.

Offline Tournament (ACL Sydney): Register here.

Online Tournament

Stage 1 - Online Open Qualifier Stage

Stage 2 - Round of 16

The competing Players in the Round of 16 receive a share in the $2,500 prize pool as follows:

Main Stream

Offline Tournament (ACL Sydney)

Stage 1 - Open Bracket

Stage 2 - Group Stage

Stage 3 - Championship Bracket

The competing Players in the Championship Bracket will receive a breakdown of $7,500.

Main Stream

Map Pool

The ACL Sydney map pool is as follows: