Greetings Players! Below outlines important information that all Players must be aware of.

Structure & Game Times

Season 3 will be different in many ways to that of Season 1 and 2. Unlike previous seasons, Season 3 will be split into two Tournaments.

Online Tournament

Stage 1 of the WCS America: Season 3 Oceania/SEA Qualifiers will start at 10:30AM AEST on Saturday 14th June and not end until the competition of the bracket in its entirety or 10:30PM AEST, whichever occurs first. In the case the Stage 1 bracket was not completed in its entirety, an official will speak with the remaining players to let them know what time they must be online on Sunday 15th June to complete the remaining bracket.

Stage 2 of the WCS America: Season 3 Oceania/SEA Qualifiers will start at 1pm AEST on Sunday 15th June and not end until the completion of the bracket in its entirety.

The invited Players, in no particular order of seeding, are as follows:

In both stages of competition once you have completed a round in the Tournament you are to continue straight into the next round after communicating the results of the completed set to tournament officials. You are only allowed a short 5 - 10 minute break in-between. If you are waiting on the result of a previous match up before you can play your next series then you must simply wait patiently. You must then be ready to play as soon as your opposing Player is done with their previous series and now ready to play against you. Disappearing for long periods of time is not allowed and you could risk being disqualified if you are not ready to play your next match on time. Official discretion is final.

Offline Tournament (ACL Sydney)

This Tournament will occur at ACL Sydney, located at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney, Australia on Saturday 19th - Sunday 20th July. The Tournament will begin at a to-be-disclosed time and will consist of three Stages: An Open Bracket, a Group Stage and a Championship Bracket. For full details on the Tournament click here. and Contacting Tournament Officials

Online Tournament

Tournament officials will be available to help and assist Players within Players must log into the South East Asia server (SEA) and join the group within called "World Championship Series" for the duration of any official tournament. Within this group tournament officials will communicate with Players. You can locate official WCS admins by their clan tag [WCSS]. Admins take no responsibility for your disqualification if you are not in the official tournament group by the required time. For this reason we suggest joining the group prior to the date of the tournament and being online within the group 30 minutes prior to Tournament commencement.

Offline Tournament (ACL Sydney)

Tournament officials will be available to help and assist Players within live at the venue. Players will be briefed at the beginning of the LAN with all information they require to comptete.


Brackets will be released at the start of each day of competition. All official brackets can be found at

Map Pool

The ACL Sydney map pool is as follows:

Map Selection (Veto)

For all best of 3 sets an order of map selection will be as follows:

Note: The higher seed decides whether they are Player A or Player B for Map Selection process

  1. Player A removes one map from the pool (6 maps remain)
  2. Player B removes one map from the pool (5 maps remain)
  3. Player A removes one map from the pool (4 maps remain)
  4. Player B removes one map from the pool (3 maps remain)
  5. Player A chooses a map to play on if (s)he loses a game from the 3 remaining maps
  6. Player B chooses a map to play on if (s)he loses a game from the 2 remaining maps
  7. Remaining map is the first map played

Tournament Rules

All tournament Rules for the WCS America: Season 3 Oceania/SEA Qualifiers can be found here.

Live Stream

The entirety of the WCS America: Season 3 Oceania/SEA Qualifiers will be live streamed via If you are contacted by Tournament Officials in regards to your game being live streamed please do everything possible to assist the streamers and casters into your game.

Registered Players

A list of registered players will be updated on a regular basis. If your name is not listed below and you have registered prior to the time stamp provided, please contact Tournament officials before the day of the Tournament.

Online Tournament

Registration has closed.

As of Registration Closure

  1. Arrival
  2. Phoenix
  3. Metalcore
  4. Crimson
  5. Unthunder
  6. StriKE
  7. PainToT
  8. Vivid
  9. Stormz
  10. Yours
  11. ZanC
  12. NostalgiA
  13. Lobo
  14. Pox
  15. Frustration
  16. Slayer
  17. Ysas
  18. Leon
  19. Probe
  20. Schnitzel
  21. Clare
  22. Blysk
  23. Soundwave
  24. Cuddles
  25. Snexwang
  26. NaMek
  27. Osiris
  28. Wally
  29. MightyKiwi
  30. Petraeus
  31. Law
  32. HuT
  33. RivaL
  34. eXoBLaZeR
  35. Maru
  36. Peppy
  37. Pezz
  38. Aiya
  39. CLZ
  40. XenoS
  41. Xormentor
  42. Alopex
  43. Ninja
  44. KingKong
  45. mOOnGLaDe
  46. Iaguz
  47. Revenant
  48. EnDerr
  49. Heartz
  50. Afhrat
  51. Petrify
  52. Zux
  53. South
  54. FeDe
  55. Fenner
  56. DemiLove
  57. SouL
  58. LiviBee
  59. JaYbOc
  60. NXZ
  61. PHtAl
  62. ChoboSniper
  63. FriendlyDeer
  64. Fullmetal
  65. Kevin Satria
  66. Moder
  67. Hydro
  68. TND
  69. IronLung
  70. Saek
  71. Drinksarlot
  72. Ross Muldoon
  73. MSIEvoGTDane
  74. RunaMok
  75. ProzeR
  76. ILikeTrains
  77. Namakaye
  78. NeverMango
  79. Rezyn
  80. Kez
  81. Apocalypse
  82. VaIM
  83. JunO
  84. Crow
  85. Washo
  86. Raziel
  87. ShayneRarma

Offline Tournament

Register here.

As of 11PM AEST Thursday 17th July

  1. NaMek
  2. Soundwave
  3. Petrify
  4. HuT
  5. Skayer
  6. RivaL
  7. Law
  8. Aiya
  9. JaYbOc
  10. NXZ
  11. Alopex
  12. Blysk
  13. Revenant
  14. Arrogance
  15. Raziel
  16. Peppy
  17. Hydro
  18. KingKong
  19. Ninja
  20. DLavegaNyx
  21. MightyKiwi
  22. Valheru
  23. Ayr
  24. Slayer
  25. Wally
  26. Phoenix
  27. Kez
  28. Apocolypse
  29. Pezz
  30. Schnitzel
  31. Iaguz
  32. ChoboSniper
  33. DevianT
  34. Frustration
  35. South
  36. Pressure
  37. Probe
  38. Kreamy
  39. FIGHTO
  40. Yours
  41. Azz
  42. Syntox
  43. Vivid
  44. Fergs
  45. KIkkoman
  46. Val
  47. Alpha
  48. deL
  49. Melord
  50. Djvillian
  51. Pox
  52. RunaMok
  53. Pigeon
  54. JunO