How to Qualify

Registration for Season 3 is open. You can register for one or both of the Tournaments below:

Online Tournament: Registration has closed.

Offline Tournament (ACL Sydney): Register here.

Structure & Game Times

Online Tournament

Stage 1 of the WCS America: Season 3 Oceania/SEA Qualifiers will start at 10AM AEST on Saturday 14th June and not end until the competition of the bracket in its entirety or 10:30PM AEST, whichever occurs first. In the case the Stage 1 bracket was not completed in its entirety, an official will speak with the remaining players to let them know what time they must be online on Sunday 15th June to complete the remaining bracket.

Stage 2 of the WCS America: Season 3 Oceania/SEA Qualifiers will start at 1pm AEST on Sunday 15th June and not end until the completion of the bracket in its entirety.

The invited Players, in no particular order of seeding, are as follows:

In both stages of competition once you have completed a round in the Tournament you are to continue straight into the next round after communicating the results of the completed set to tournament officials. You are only allowed a short 5 - 10 minute break in-between. If you are waiting on the result of a previous match up before you can play your next series then you must simply wait patiently. You must then be ready to play as soon as your opposing Player is done with their previous series and now ready to play against you. Disappearing for long periods of time is not allowed and you could risk being disqualified if you are not ready to play your next match on time. Official discretion is final.

Offline Tournament (ACL Sydney)

This Tournament will occur at ACL Sydney, located at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney, Australia on Saturday 19th - Sunday 20th July. The Tournament will begin at a to-be-disclosed time and will consist of three Stages: An Open Bracket, a Group Stage and a Championship Bracket. For full details on the Tournament click here.