Season 3 News

2014-07-16 - Get to know Revenant!

Exile 5's dot speaks with Revenant about his upcoming trip to Australia for ACL Sydney.

2014-07-15 - ACL Sydney Preview

Silicon Sport's Kez shares his thoughts on how ACL Sydney will progress.

2014-07-14 - Get to know Blysk!

Exile 5's dot speaks with Blysk about his preparation for his first ACL apperance.

2014-07-02 - ACL Sydney Pool Announcement

Maynarde and Baldie reveal the top 16 players and their respective ACL Sydney pools LIVE on stream.

2014-06-04 - WCS and ACL Prize Pools Announced

A total of $10,000 and two WCS seeds will be on offer in Season 3. Find out the splits here.

Season 2 News

2014-03-28 - Who is Zepphnarde?

We interview the casting archon of Zepph and Maynarde (Zepphnarde) about everything StarCraft in our region!

2014-03-27 - Get to know Probe

Team Exile 5's MaruMarine interviews an upcoming Protoss player in our OCE scene, Probe.

2014-03-25 - Petrify's Thoughts on Season 2

We interview Stage 1 winner of Season 1, Petrify, to see how he's going in preparation for Season 2 this weekend.

2014-03-24 - Interview with BarCraft Melbourne!

We interview BarCraft Melbourne manager, Rezyn8, on his work within the community and the upcoming BarCraft for the Season 2 Qualifiers!

2014-03-23 - PiG's take on the Healthy Mindset

Team Exile 5's Potter interviews PiG for the upcoming Season 2 Qualifiers and check in with how he prepares.

2014-03-12 - Secure an invite for Season 3!

Blizzard ANZ challenges you to show them how it's done to secure one of four invites into Season 3's Stage 2.

2014-03-09 - Promote your scene!

Season 2 of WCS is just around the corner, and Exile 5 thought it would be a good opportunity to round up the community for a light-hearted and fun competition.

Season 1 News

2014-01-09 - Exile 5 Interviews Part 2

Team Exile 5 interview four of our most active community members Duckville, Eddie, Maynarde and Spartaz and get their thoughts on WCS as a whole.

2014-01-08 - Exile 5 Interviews Part 1

Team Exile 5 interview five of our top WCS players in Blysk, Fenner, Petraeus, NXZ and PiG and get their thoughts on WCS as a whole.

2014-01-08 - Promotional Video

Bar Stool Strategists create a community driven hype video for the upcoming WCS qualifiers which will be featured throughout the broadcast!

2014-01-08 - Interview with Rossi

Author: Baldie

Australian representative Rossi gives us some insight into what 2014 will look like for him as a gamer and the opportunity of these upcoming qualifiers.

2014-01-06 - Interview with Blysk

Author: Baldie

One of the top Protoss players in South East Asia, Blysk shares with us his thoughts leading into his first major StarCraft II tournament of 2014.

2014-01-04 - Interview with Fenner

Author: Baldie

In our second interview we've sought out our British resident Fenner to see how he plans to be the best StarCraft II player to ever grace the planet.

2014-01-02 - Interview with Revenant

Author: Baldie

We recently sat down with one of the four South East Asian invites for the upcoming WCS America qualifiers to learn a bit about what it's like competing and Singapore and his thoughts on WCS in 2014.